Welcome to Will-n-Della.com!

This web site is devoted to tracing the ancestry of William Marsden and Della Jane Davenport, and is dedicated to their posterity. I hope you find it educational! The site was officially launched in February 2006, and I'm still tweaking things here and there. However, the main functions of the site should be working already.

User accounts are available to all descendants of William and Della. Limited memberships may also be available for research purposes to other members of our extended family, though only descendants of will and Della will have any access to information about living individuals. If you would like a user account, simply click the Request a new account link to the right, fill out the form, and submit it; I'll process your application as fast as I can. If you care to, please include comments as to what you hope to learn from the site, so I can try to focus my energies where they will be useful.

I'd like to write a bit about the aims/goals for this web site. First and foremost, I hope it can be a resource for everyone in the family who wants to know more about our family history. It's easy to view attractive pedigree charts, family group sheets, photos, etc. You can also download GEDCOM files for use on your own computer.

Second, I hope it will be a central coordination point for ongoing family history research. On each page of data, all registered users will notice a "Suggest" feature that can be used to suggest changes, additions, deletions, etc. These suggestions will be integrated into the site content ASAP by one of the site's maintainers.

Third, I hope we can use the site as a central repository for a growing body of digital and digitized family histories and photographs. I have scanned many historic family photos, and I know others have done similar things. This site will be a great place to share these photos with others who probably don't have clean copies. Also, I look forward to future projects of digitizing some of the many family history books that have been produced in the past, and making digital copies of those widely available here.

An important word about privacy. Obviously, any information about living individuals is very sensitive. Every effort has been made to keep all information about living individuals private. Registered users who are direct descendants of Will and Della may have access to some personal information about living individuals in their own family branch. No personal information will ever be made available to those who are not descendants of Will and Della Marsden. If you are curious about the information available to anonymous users or users who may be from more distant branches of the family, I invite you to try using the site without a user account, and see what kind of information is available. Lastly, if anyone has concerns about their personal information being available even to others within the family, please contact me. If you prefer, you can have some or all information about you completely removed from the site.

Finally, thanks to all those family members whose contributions have made this site possible! Because of your help, the site is financed up through July of 2006. If you would like to make a contribution to push that date further back, please let me know.